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About us

Strategic Plan 2022-2023

Our vision

To be known as the leading trading standards service in the UK, in protecting consumers, supporting communities and contributing to economic growth and resilience. To be recognised for innovation, excellent customer service and as a great place to work.

Our objectives

We support delivery of all four partner local authorities’ strategic goals. Although not identical, they can be grouped into a set of generic priorities expressed by four key outcomes which make up the Service Mission Statement:

  1. Economic growth is supported by ensuring a fair, responsible and competitive trading environment.
  2. Consumers, especially the more vulnerable, are protected and more confident; communities are safer, better informed and more fully engaged in the work of the Service.
  3. To help people live healthier lives by preventing harm, promoting individual health and supporting the creation of a healthier environment.
  4. To be recognised for innovation, excellent service and as a great place to work.

Our priorities

Our enforcement priorities are identified through an annual Strategic Assessment, which analyses the last three years of Service activity to identify key issues and likely trends. A law enforcement model of risk is then used to rank each service functional area by balancing threat and harm with the capabilities and resources of our joint Trading Standards Service. Threat factors assessed included reported physical harm, financial detriment and volume of complaints received. These are then prioritised and incorporated into our Control Strategy. Our five priority areas for 2022/23 are:

  • Scams.
  • Doorstep crime and rogue trading.
  • Animal health and welfare including disease control.
  • Illicit tobacco.
  • Motor trade – used car sales.

Key cross-cutting priorities for 2022/23 which will receive intervention as required are environmental issues/climate change and e-crime.

For more information on this and our wider work, structure and governance see Service plans, governance and policies.

Our challenges and opportunities

With the inclusion of Plymouth Trading Standards Service we need to continue to build on the benefits of a joint service: identifying opportunities for making the service more efficient and effective. We need to maximise the value of our unique partnership with local authority Economy Teams, providing a more comprehensive business support package and contributing to economic growth and resilience.

An ongoing and increasing challenge is to work with partners to tackle organised cross border consumer crime, rogue traders, scams, and the growth of electronic crime. In doing so we need to ensure we protect the most vulnerable in our communities, who are often deliberately targeted and exploited.


The total funding allocated directly to trading standards delivery by the four local authorities for 2021/22 is £3,728,000. This is supplemented through various income generation activities, which in 2020/21, despite reductions in some areas due to the impact of Covid-19, added an additional £293,303.