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Made in Devon

A major new 'buy local' scheme to support Devon businesses and consumers

Made in Devon Buy With ConfidenceAre you a local grower, producer or supplier who is proud of your Devon roots and keen to show what sets you apart from the rest?

Would you like to become a member of an exciting new ‘buy local’ scheme that will support your business to build resilience, adapt and grow in these unprecedented times?

Then Made in Devon could be the scheme for you.

This is a major new initiative with the support of Devon County Council behind it. Our vision is for Made in Devon to be a major household name and for the businesses within the scheme to be equipped to make the most of the massive consumer support that emerged in 2020 for buying local and supporting local.

The first 50 local businesses who apply and qualify will receive free membership of Made in Devon and Buy With Confidence for their first year. Read more about free membership.

Made in Devon has been developed by Trading Standards and is part of the well-established Buy with Confidence scheme.

Please note as of 20 March 2021 we have had over 50 applications and are currently auditing these businesses to see if they qualify for the scheme.

Why join Made in Devon?

Buying local and supporting local helps our Devon communities, businesses and the environment.

If you qualify for Made in Devon, you’ll have the stamp of approval that confirms you’re a business that is local, legal, honest and takes fair trading seriously. You’ll also be part of a major marketing campaign that will promote your business far and wide.

Made in Devon members receive access to legal advice, regulatory and business support from qualified Trading Standards personnel that usually costs £80 an hour.

With Made in Devon we want to build on the new buying habits that emerged in 2020 to create a step-change in the way the public views and buys local products. The tide is already turning – and we want to make sure Devon businesses ride the wave.

It’s all about supporting local businesses to prosper and helping consumers to find bona fide local makers, growers and suppliers.

To be eligible you need to prove that you are based in Devon and wherever possible use, supply or produce Devon made goods.

Anyone who applies for Made in Devon goes through the Buy With Confidence application process and if they qualify, receives all the benefits of that scheme as well.

Apply for membership on the Buy With Confidence website.

Make sure you write ‘Made in Devon’ in the reference code box. This will ensure you are applying for the Made in Devon membership rather than Buy With Confidence.

Please note that businesses in Torbay and Plymouth do not qualify for free membership. Costs for membership can be found on the Buy With Confidence Website here.

Approved members are listed on the national Buy With Confidence website and can use the ‘Trading Standards Approved’ logo – giving invaluable confidence to prospective customers.

Consumers can be assured that for any businesses displaying the Made in Devon logo, the products and services they provide and any claims they make have been thoroughly vetted and checked by professionals.

Initially this scheme is aimed at recruiting Devon growers, producers and suppliers to join. It will later be widened to include a range of categories with their own logos including tourism, hospitality and services.

Made in Devon aims to:

  • promote consumption of local products within Devon
  • establish and promote Devon as a destination for quality products, including food, drinks, soap, furniture and a wide range of other goods 
  • promote Devon as a source of quality local suppliers of products and to support development of local supply chains and consumption. 

By becoming a member of Buy With Confidence you will have:

  • access to free trading standards advice which costs £80 an hour for non-members
  • use of the ‘Trading Standards Approved’ Buy With Confidence logo on your marketing
  • a listing on our national website alongside feedback from customers to show your good customer service
  • inclusion in our directory of trustworthy members which we promote to consumers in both booklet and e versions
  • free mediation service only available to members
  • free promotional materials including feedback cards, vehicle stickers and a certificate of membership for public display
  • regular updates on our other free business support programmes and grant funding which may benefit your business.

We are currently developing an exciting new marketing campaign to promote Made in Devon businesses that will launch in 2021.

Find out more about Buy With Confidence and apply now on the Buy With Confidence website. Remember to quote ‘Made in Devon’ in the reference code box to apply for the Made in Devon membership.