We realise that understanding and complying with legislation can seem daunting, especially if you’re a small business owner. However it is important to know what laws you need to follow as a trader. After all, a customer is unlikely to come back if they think they were treated badly due to a business not knowing its rights and obligations.

Trading Standards is here to help, as we’re happy to advise businesses on what they need to do to comply with legislation, whether it’s on how to deal with age-restricted products or any other area of trading law. Trading Standards isn’t just about trying to catch businesses out when they get something wrong, it’s about helping you get it right the first time. Even if something isn’t quite correct, we’re more likely to give you time to sort it out than prosecute, so get in touch or browse through our online guidance for businesses.

From April 2017, we are charging for our advice to businesses. Your business will no longer get a free annual inspection as a matter of course. However, we will still carry out some compliance audits without charge when required for consumer protection.

Each business will be able to have up to two hours of advice from us free of charge. This is to enable new businesses to get the support they need and established businesses to develop their relationship with us in a format that suits them. If you need advice that may become more complex and extensive, we will discuss with you a package of paid-for services to suit your needs.

Our paid-for services

Primary Authority

This is a Government scheme whereby formal partnerships can be formed between businesses and Local Authorities. It is a bespoke, paid-for advice service that will assist your business in simplifying regulatory processes, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and aims to save your business money.

Primary Authority advice is also Assured Advice. The regulatory community in the UK will accept that if a business is following Primary Authority Assured Advice then it is meeting its regulatory responsibilities. Primary Authority partnerships are flexible so that they can provide a range of Local Authority and partner services, including Environmental Health and Fire Safety.

Find out more here, or go to the Primary Authority Register website.

Buy with Confidence

Are you a business that customers can trust? Find out more about our Good Trader Scheme and use our badge of approval to let people know you’re a business consumers can have confidence in.

Weights and Measures

Do you have weights or measuring scales that require testing or calibration? Need to organise equipment verification? Want to find a public weighbridge? Our Metrology Lab can help.


We can offer bespoke training packages which businesses can take up at a competitive rate. Whether it is civil law training or an update on a specific piece of legislation, our officers are available to assist.

Other resources

Understand Your Rights And Responsibilities

From selling a used vehicle to how to label your sandwiches, we have advice to cover all types of commonly asked questions, along with information about scams you might face and lots more. Find out more.

Registration and Licensing

Find information on applications for licenses for supplying and keeping a range of products including poisons, fireworks, petroleum, LPG and diesel. We also have advice on obtaining a credit licence. Find out more.

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We’re here to help businesses get it right and keep their customers happy, so get in touch.