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Consumer rights and fair trading

To help businesses learn about consumer rights and fair trading, and get compliance right first time, the following in-depth guides contain all the information you need to get started.

The guides are kept up to date and are organised by what, where and how you sell, with further groups in each category to help you find the information you need.

If you have questions after reading these guides, our Trading Standards officers will be happy to give you advice and answer your queries through our paid-for advice service. Please get in touch for information.

What do you sell?

Where do you sell?

On-premises sales

Selling on your business premises – for example, a shop or market stall (or when a contract is not made off-premises or at a distance).

Off-premises sales

Selling goods, services and digital content away from your business premises – for example, in the customer’s home or workplace.

Distance sales

The sales of goods, services and digital content without face-to-face contact with the customer – for example, online, mail order or by telephone.

How do you sell?

Customer complaints and civil law

If a dispute develops between yourself and a consumer and you need legal advice, we can help. Trading Standards can tell you what the customer’s rights actually are and help you to determine the best way to resolve the dispute. Get in touch if you are concerned or unsure and we can help you understand your position.