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Guidance for
The agriculture industry

We know trading standards regulations can be complex, but understanding and following them is essential for your farming business to succeed.

We are here to help. Our trading standards officers work with and support farms and agriculture businesses by providing guidance and support to help comply with farming regulations.

Suspect a disease?

If you suspect a notifiable disease outbreak, you must report it immediately.

Call the Defra Rural Services Helpline
03000 200 301

Farming standards guidance

The rules surrounding farming can be complex, so we provide a range of leaflets to help guide you through some of the most common issues with the laws that we are responsible for.

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Animal movement

All movements must be recorded and reported. Make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities as a livestock owner.

Animal welfare

We are responsible for monitoring and investigating animal health and welfare of livestock. Contact us if you are concerned about the welfare of animals.

Animal disease

Helping you to prevent outbreaks of disease and advice on what you must do if you suspect an outbreak.

Feed and food hygiene

Apply for your feed hygiene registration, check your current details and read our feed and food hygiene advice.

Record books

Veterinary medicine book

Keepers of food-producing animals or those that treat farm animals intended as food for human consumption must keep a record of all veterinary medicinal products bought for those animals.

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Animal movement record book

All movements of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and deer must be recorded and reported to the appropriate agency. Download a movement record book.

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Further guidance


Guidance including information on hygiene regulations, licensing, inspections and penalties.

Livestock hauliers

Ensure you have valid transporter authorisation and understand the welfare regulations surrounding live animal transport.

Animal gatherings

Information about licensing requirements, disease prevention and animal welfare.

Support for farmers

Website and helpline support for the farming community.

Latest agriculture news

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