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Rogue builder jailed for 46 months

A rogue builder has been jailed for three years and ten months (Monday March 18) for defrauding his victims. At Exeter Crown Court Lee Antony Butterworth, 47, of Oxlea Close, … Continue reading

Somerset farmer is banned from keeping livestock for 10 years

A Somerset farmer who was ‘indifferent’ to the suffering he caused his animals has been banned from keeping animals for ten years and told to pay £15,000. Brian Churches, 58, … Continue reading

Rogue stove-fitter from Somerset sentenced

An unqualified rogue stove fitter from Crewkerne who installed an appliance that emitted potentially lethal carbon monoxide whenever it was lit, has been given a suspended four-month prison sentence. At … Continue reading

Shop has licence to sell alcohol revoked following evidence from trading standards

An off licence in Torquay has had its premises licence to sell alcohol revoked because it was not fulfilling one of its licensing objectives, the prevention of crime and disorder. … Continue reading

Doorstep traders sentenced after carrying out illegal work on protected trees

Father and son doorstep traders who carried out unauthorised work on several protected oak trees have been ordered to pay a total of £1,200 in fines and costs. Christopher Hughes, … Continue reading

Free car servicing quality checks

Residents in Devon, Somerset and Torbay are being offered the chance to have an independent motor expert review the quality of a recent vehicle service. The free quality check is … Continue reading

Rogue stove installer pleads guilty

An unqualified stove fitter from Somerset who lied about his certification and installed an appliance so badly it produced carbon monoxide whenever it was lit, has pleaded guilty to 15 … Continue reading

Devon farmer who kept animals in ‘appalling’ conditions sentenced

A Devon farmer found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal has been given a 16-week suspended prison sentence, fined £6,970 and banned from keeping animals for 10 years. … Continue reading

Smallholder guilty of breaching life ban on keeping animals

A Somerset smallholder has been given an eight-month suspended prison sentence for breaching his life ban from keeping animals. Martin Veysey, 63, of Bridgwater, Somerset, pleaded guilty to six charges … Continue reading

Trading Standards working to stamp out fake goods being sold through social media

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service is keeping a close eye on social media buying-and-selling groups in the lead up to Christmas in a bid to stem the sale … Continue reading