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Animal feed and food hygiene

Helping to maintain the safety and integrity of the feed and food chain from farm to fork is a vital part of our work. We carry out hygiene inspections and monitor products sold within Devon and Somerset.

Feed hygiene registration

The Animal Feed Regulations 2015 require feed, and some food, businesses to register with Trading Standards if they carry out certain activities. If your business carries out any of the following then it is likely that the legislation applies to you and you should be registered:

  • Manufacturing animal feeds.
  • Marketing animal feeds.
  • Importing animal feeds.
  • Storing animal feeds.
  • Transporting animal feeds and grain.
  • Selling co-products of the food industry as feeds.
  • Carrying out on-farm mixing.
  • Feeding food-producing animals (livestock).
  • Growing crops to be used as animal feeds.
  • Carrying out other controlled activities.


To apply for registration please complete our online form.


Use our online form to check your feed hygiene registration number, holding details and the registered activities that we hold for you.

If you need to tell us about changes to your registration details please complete our online form. It is good practice to do this prior to any assurance inspections.

Note that changes submitted will not be reflected immediately.

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