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Check your feed hygiene registration

Local authorities are required to maintain a list of all the approved and registered holdings in their respective counties and submit this to the Food Standards Agency by the end of November each year. Additionally, the list must be available to the public.

Use the form below to check your feed hygiene registration number, holding details and the registered activities that we hold for you. If you need any amendment to this registration please use our online form to tell us. Remember to tick the amendment box at the top and complete the relevant details. We recommend doing this prior to any assurance inspections.

This list was correct at the time of submission to the Food Standards Agency in November of each year.

Please select a search type (Name, Postcode or Registration no.) and click search. For full details of an entry, click on the registration number after search results are returned.


REGULATION (EC) No 183/2005 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL Of 12 January 2005 – laying down requirements for feed hygiene