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Animal gatherings

Livestock markets, shows and collection centres are known collectively as ‘animal gatherings’


It is an offence to hold an animal gathering without a licence. To find out more about licensing requirements for these events, and how to apply for a licence, see GOV.UK – animal gatherings: licences.

Preventing the spread of disease

Our animal gatherings advice leaflet contains information and advice on reducing the risk of the spread of disease at an animal gathering.

Remember that you are legally obliged to report notifiable diseases to the APHA even if you only suspect that an animal might be affected.

Animal welfare

Guidance on the laws and regulations that protect animals at markets and shows can be found at GOV.UK – Livestock at farm shows and markets: welfare regulations.

Just as they are vital for farmers, livestock markets are also central to our animal welfare work. We routinely attend and monitor the regular markets in the two counties, which gives us the opportunity to engage with farmers, find out their issues and offer advice on animal welfare issues.

It’s also an opportunity to see stock from a large number of keepers, which can be invaluable in identifying those who are either mistreating or not looking after their animals properly, as well as spotting any other issues that may need further investigation.

Overview of the key issues to be mindful of at a livestock market.

Livestock hauliers

If you are transporting animals to and from an animal gathering make sure you are aware of your responsibilities regarding authorisation and welfare.

Advice guides

The guides below contain information on other issues related to animal gatherings.