Product Safety – What Businesses Need To Know

Business Product Safety Resources

Devon, Somerset  and Torbay Trading Standards Product Safety Resources

  • Fireworks – If you have any questions relating to explosives or wish to register to sell them, please go to this page or contact us.
  • Second Hand Goods – This is an advice pack for any trader who sells secondhand goods (pdf). It has quick reference A4 sheets that will help you identify any possible product safety issues with goods you intend to sell along with some useful websites. This can be used as part of your due diligence system for ensuring goods you sell are safe. Please note however these are only summaries of the basic things to look out for. For more in-depth information feel free to contact us.
  • Children’s clothing Safety – In assessing the safety of children’s clothing there are a number of relevant published standards and codes of practice. Clothes made to these standards are more likely to demonstrate compliance with the law. More information on the relevant codes and standards can be found within our guidance leaflet (pdf).
  • Window Blind & Curtain Cords – Businesses must be alert to the dangers posed by window blinds and curtains cords and to their responsibilities under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. There have been several child fatalities caused by strangulation across Europe, including the UK, in recent years. Further advice can be found in our Guidance Notes (pdf).
  • Sale and Supply of Unroadworthy Vehicles – Selling or supplying an unroadworthy vehicle can give rise to an offence under section 75 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (As amended). Useful guidance on the sale and supply of unroadworthy vehicles and ensuring compliance with the Act can be found in Sale and Supply of ‘Unroadworthy’ Vehicles – Guidance Notes (pdf).
  • Making And Selling Cosmetics – Recent changes to EU legislation have tightened and harmonised the laws surrounding cosmetics, both in terms of production and the claims manufacturers can make about their products. If you make or sell cosmetics, it is vital you follow all the applicable laws. You can find out more about the legislation here.
  • Counterfeit Kills (Counterfeit Electrical Installation Products) – The installation of counterfeit products in consumers’ homes is a real danger as such products pose a serious risk of fire, injury and death. BEAMA (British Eletrotechnical Allied Manufacturers Association) have formed an Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group to tackle the manufacture and trade in such products. Their website,, contains more information on the action they have taken to stop this dangerous trade along with useful resources. You can also find some more info of counterfeit good on our consumer counterfeit page as well as in our leaflets.
  • E- Cigarettes and liquids – There are a number of pieces of legislation governing the safety and supply of such products. The following guidance aims to assist in providing a snapshot of some of the legal requirements:  ‘Safety requirements for E- Cigarettes and liquids’.
  • Candle Safety – Candles by their very nature present notable risks to consumers and businesses need to ensure that such products they supply have been assessed to ensure they will burn safely and that they provide all necessary information to consumers to use with minimal risk. Guidance can be found on our leaflet: ‘Candle Safety guidance for Producers’

General Safety Guidance Leaflets

Below are our safety leaflets, giving guidance for a range of different businesses and products. Do not take these as a definitive guide, as you are ultimately responsible for ensuring products you make/sell comply with all relevant legislation.

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