Product Safety – What Businesses Need To Know

Product Safety Legislation & Guidance

General Regulations, Acts & Product specific Regulations

Details of product safety legislation in force in the UK can be found by clicking on the following links -:

Product Specific Guidance Documents & Websites

Product Conformity Standards

All products caught by product specific legislation will be required to meet the essential safety requirements. A producer or importer can demonstrate a product meets these requirements by carrying out the appropriate tests as set out in the relevant standard(s), if applicable.

A list of EU harmonised standards can be found at ‘EU Harmonised standards and Directives‘. The British Standards Institute, is the UK’s national standards body who can provide copies of standards which relate to specific product types at

* Note – These regulations have replaced in full the requirements of ‘The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2009 (CHIP)’ as of June 2015.