Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

If you need guidance on exactly how trading law relates to your business, we have a range of online resources that you can find in this section of the site. Whether you deal in cars, food, services or anything else, we can help.

New Business?

If you have just started or are about to start a Devon, Somerset or Torbay based business, we can offer free expert practical advice on complying with trading law. Find out more here.

Advice To Help You Comply With Legislation

The law can be a complex place, but this section offers loads of leaflets and other resources covering a wide range of common issues, from food labelling to selling on the internet. Find out more.

Age-Restricted Products

Products that can only be sold to people of a certain age range from knives to DVDs. There can be severe penalties for breaking legislation surrounding age restrictions, such as publicans losing their licenses, heavy fines or losing your ability to sell certain goods. It’s therefore vital to know what you’re doing with age-restricted products. You can find out more here.

Business Scams

It’s not just consumers who get targeted by con artists. Every year businesses lose millions of pounds after falling victim to scams. It’s therefore vital to know what to look out for. We have information about scams that have been going around in Devon, Somerset and Torbay, so you can help to protect yourself. Find out more.

Business-to-Business Contracts: Your Rights

While you may know your rights when it comes to buying goods as a private individual in a shop, many assume that the same rules apply when buying as a business. That’s not always true. You can find out more about what your rights are here.

Healthy Local Food

Does your business appeal to a health conscious customer? Do you promote your food as being ‘local? If so, do you know the rules about something being classed as local and how can you be sure you really are helping the health of your customers? We can help…

Need More Help?

If you are a business and need more advice of complying with trading law, don’t hesitate to contact us.