Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Advice To Help You Comply With Legislation

Not sure about your responsibilities when selling online? Uncertain about Best Before dates when packaging your food? Need to know the rules about accurately describing goods and services?

It’s always best to know the rules before you get into trouble for not following them. This part of the site offers a wide range of leaflets and other resources covering all sorts of trading areas and situations, offering up to date advice on how you can get it right.

Customer Complaints and Civil Law

If a dispute develops between yourself and a consumer and you need legal advice, we can help. Trading Standards can tell you what the customer’s rights actually are and help you to determine the best way to resolve the dispute. Get in touch if you are concerned or unsure and we can help you understand your position.

Food Law Guidance

Due to the risk to human health and fitness, there are important rules surrounding food that is made for public consumption, so it is vital that both manufacturers and any business selling food is aware of all the regulations surrounding it, We have resources covering some of the more common issues for our food producers and sellers. Find out more.

Product Safety

One of the most important areas that Trading Standards is responsible for is product safety. Whether you make your own products or import them from abroad, you must ensure that everything you put onto the market is safe and complies with all relevant legislation. We have links and guide to what you need to know on this page.

Making And Selling Cosmetics

Recent changes to EU legislation have tightened and harmonised the laws surrounding cosmetics, both in terms of production and the claims manufacturers can make about their products. If you make or sell cosmetics, it is vital you follow all the applicable laws. You can find out more about the legislation here.

Intellectual Property

Piracy and counterfeiting doesn’t just happen at home, it’s becoming an increasing problem within businesses too, such as employees using unlicensed software and sharing pirated CDs, DVDs and files. You can find out more about this growing problem here.

Contracts Concluded Away From Business Premises (i.e. doorstep sales and services)

As of June 13th 2014, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 replaces the current Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and the Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc Regulations 2008. This new law makes important changes that you need to be aware of if you form any consumer contracts away from your business premises (you should also be aware of changes to on-premises contracts), such as an extension of the mandatory cooling-off period and clarification of the information the consumer should be provided with. For more information, please read the following leaflets:

If you are entering into contracts with consumers in their homes, at their places of work or following excursions you will need to provide consumers with details of their rights to a cooling off period, as well as other information as defined by the law. They should also be given a form they can use to cancel the contract within that cooling off period, as set out in this example.

Weights & Measures

If you need help with weights & measures legislation, whether it is info on calibrating weights or finding a public weighbridge, please visit the dedicated Weights & Measures section of the site.

Registration & Licensing

Trading Standards handles registration and licensing for things such as petroleum, explosives (fireworks) and poisons storage. To find out more, pleased visit  the Registration & Licensing section of the site.

Find Loads More Info With Our Extensive Leaflets

These cover areas such as Animal Health & Welfare, Business’s Responsibilities When Selling, Fair Trading, Weights & Measures and all sorts of other areas business may need information about. You can find over 100 leaflets providing huge amounts of info here.

Business Support

If you have any further questions about complying with trading law or other areas Devon, Somerset & Torbay Trading Standards is responsible, feel free to get in touch for support and advice.