Advice To Help You Comply With Legislation

Business Advice Leaflets

Below you’ll find links to over a hundred leaflets covering various areas of business and many of the common issues companies face when trying to ensure they comply with trading law. You may also find further information on your particular area at Understanding your rights and responsibilities or by exploring the rest of the site. Take a look below and check out the information. After that, if you need any more help or clarification, get in touch.

Business Advice Leaflet Packs

If you would like to create a pack of leaflets and info relevant to your business, you can make one by simply answering a few questions about what your company does. A PDF will then be automatically created full of important information that will help your businesses keep within the law. These packs are particularly useful for retails sales, food sales, and agriculture and farming. To get your pack, just click on this link and answer the questions.

Consumer Rights (inc. Selling Methods)

Fair Trading (inc. Pricing)



Weights & Measures

Age-Restricted Products

Animal Health & Welfare