Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Age Restricted Products

We are committed to reducing harm to young people associated with the use of age-restricted products, such as alcohol solvents and tobacco. There are strict laws prohibiting the sale of age-restricted products to young people, as they are considered to present real risks to their health and welfare.

It is illegal for age-restricted goods to be sold to those who are below the specified age limit. Anyone found illegally selling or supplying certain age-restricted products can be prosecuted and businesses may additionally lose their licence to sell certain products.

To ensure compliance we provide advice and support to Devon, Somerset and Torbay businesses, with the aim of preventing sales and raising the standard of systems and procedures retailers use to prevent underage sales. This is backed up by targeted test purchase operations to check retailers’ systems, and ensure that those not complying with the law are identified.

What Products Are Age-Restricted?

A variety of products are illegal to sell to underage people. You can find out more about that here.

Free Interactive Training Pack For Your Business

No-proof-of-age-flyer-final-Oct-12-2Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards is pleased to be able to offer one year’s free access to the SWERCOTS No Proof of Age – No Sale online training package. This is normally only available by annual subscription, but currently businesses in Devon, Somerset and Torbay can get 12 months access for free by requesting it from us.

The toolkit is run via a film and an interactive videoplayer, allowing the viewer to access materials at various intervals. It aims to cover all products and services that are age restricted through legislation and give clear guidance to businesses on what their responsibilities are in terms of meeting these requirements.

Alongside the film is an array of leaflets and other resources designed to give you all the help you need with Age Restricted products, as well as to be able to pass that knowledge on to your staff. Recently added is the ‘Ask the Experts’ function, which allows subscribers to pose questions to a Trading Standards support team.

No Proof of Age – No Sale was created by a partnership of Trading Standards Services in the South West and thanks to their expertise, this online resource will be updated whenever needed to reflect the latest changes to the law and best practice.

If your business is based in Devon, Somerset or Torbay and you would like 12 months free access to No Proof of Age – No Sale, please contact us.

More Help

The following leaflets provide more info on selling age-restricted products.

Under 16? Want To Become A Test Purchaser?

We regularly conduct investigations where we work with young people who test whether they can be served with age-restricted items. If this sounds like something that might interest you see Under 16? Want to become a test purchaser?

Community Alcohol Partnership

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards is  working with the community to find ways to crack down on businesses selling alcohol to young people. Find out more about the success of our Mid-Devon Community Alcohol Partnership.