Age Restricted Products

Under 16? Want To Become A Test Purchaser?

Volunteers aged 13-16 years of age are needed to help Devon & Somerset Trading Standards Officers enforce the law on underage sales of age-restricted products. As a volunteer you will help undertake test purchases from shops and public houses.

Involvement is covered by rigorous Home Office guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all volunteers. The safety and security of our volunteers is paramount and we take every step to ensure that this is maintained.

Volunteers must be representative of their age (there should be no possibility that they could be thought to be over 18 years old). They should be freely willing to participate, with the consent of parents or carers. Please note some of the operations will take place at evenings and weekends. No money is paid but we will provide a small gift voucher, a free meal and snacks during the course of the evening’s work, and a certificate to include in the young person’s record of achievement or CV.

Unfortunately, we only accept volunteers who reside in Devon or Somerset. If you reside outside these areas and wish to volunteer, please contact your local Trading Standards Service.

If you want to volunteer, or are a teacher, parent or carer who wants more information, please contact us.