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The website has been compiled by a working group with representation from Avonsafe, Bristol Lifeskills Centre and the South West Trading Standards Partnership (SWERCOTS) and received financial support from National Trading Standards.  Its principal aim is to help educate parents and carers about making wise purchases, and promote the safe use of essential equipment for babies, toddlers and school age children. PIC - BWBS logo - 7.7.15

The website contains up-to-date fact sheets, interactive exercises and links to other sources of advice. The  website will increase in time with the launch of  new sections and newly developed resources.

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Stay Safe at Halloween

Children love to dress up at Halloween. Our poster gives advice on how to keep your child safe and what to look for when buying a costume.

Child Accidents

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has free advice on how to prevent accidents, on their website. They are the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents.

Toys – CE Marking, what does it mean to Consumers?

The mark is a declaration that a product will meet the essential requirements set out in the EU directives applicable to that product, such as Electrical equipment and Toys. The EU commission have guidance on the mark for consumers on their website.

If you want more info on what to look for when buying toys, safe use of toys, markings on toys and other useful advice can be found here (pdf).

Hair straighteners, and other electrical beauty products

These are seen by many as an essential. But they can be very dangerous, particularly to children. Electrical Safety First have made the film ‘Hot Looks’ highlighting this danger and are working in partnership with the Child Accident Prevention trust on a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers posed by such products.


Blind and curtain cords pose a potential hazard, particularly for young children. Guidance on how to reduce the risks is contained within our Guidance Notes (pdf). It also contains links to further sources of information covering blind cord safety.

Child Car Seats

For car seats to be effective in protecting your child, they need be suitable for the right weight/age of your child and fitted correctly. Find out more and also on RoSPA’s dedicated website.

Prams and Pushchairs

For advice on buying a pram or pushchair see our comprehensive advice leaflet.

Trampoline Safety

Fun they may be, but falling from a trampoline can be equivalent to falling from a first storey window, and serious injuries can occur. Following safety guidelines will reduce the risk of injury. Avonsafe is a partnership of organisations who work to reduce unintentional injuries in the West of England. They have a website covering Trampoline Safety with useful links to guidance.

Child Safety resources

The following posters are useful resources that highlight the hazardous risks present in some products, if not kept safely out of reach of young children -:

Need advice on Age Restricted Products?

We have information on the sale of alcohol, tobacco, knives and explosives as well as details of our ongoing work in this area, which you can find here.