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Buying Second-hand Vehicles

Vehicles are amongst the biggest purchases consumers are likely to make. Unfortunately though, issues with second-hand cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are also one of the biggest areas of complaints.

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand vehicle, it is important to know your rights, as these may differ depending on whether you are buying from a dealer or making a private purchase. Although most vehicles must be sold as ‘fit for purpose’, it’s important to be aware of exactly what this means. It’s also vital to be wary of scams, such as dealers who pose as private sellers in the hope of evading their obligations to you.


Further Advice

We also have a range of leaflets covering various vehicle-related topics, which you can access below.

If you believe an offence has been committed in regards to a vehicle sold or offered to you, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer service, who will be able to give you advice. They will also pass your complaint onto us, and if appropriate we will investigate and take action.