Scams, Rogue Traders and Doorstep Crime

Scams & Doorstep Crime Online Tools

The best way to avoid scams is to make sure you know how to spot them…

To help Devon, Somerset & Torbay residents to spot scams and doorstep crime, we have produced a short Mass Marketing Scams Awareness Video, as well as a short training session which covers a variety of scams as well as doorstep crime.

The best way to fight the scammers is to talk about scams. We want everyone to start talking about scams, not just on the internet, but in local communities and with people who perhaps don’t have access to the internet.


The training should take about 15 minutes, but please allow longer if you want to explore the further reading links and watch the suggested video.

Take the Training

For more information on Scams & Doorstep Crime check out our Scams, Rogue Traders & Doorstep Crime pages.

The training is hosted on our Survey Monkey account and includes a short quiz at the end, but does not collect any personal data and cannot be used to contact us.