Understanding Your Rights

Forming Contracts In Your Home

When you invite a salesperson to your home or if one turns up at the door, you need to know your rights, especially as they differ from when you buy goods in a shop.

Due to the rogue selling practices of some disreputable people – many of whom prey on vulnerable people or give consumers the hard-sell that they feel they can’t say no to – there are special protections for contracts entered into in your own home or away from someone’s business premises.

The most important of these is that in many cases, you have 14 days to change your mind about whatever you buy or sign up for. This is likely to be true whatever the salesman has told you or if the contract you’ve signed tries to say you’ve waived this right (there are limited exceptions to the 14 day rule that you need to be aware of. More information about this can be found in the leaflets below).

Consumer contracts are now split into three types – ‘off premises’ contracts (such as on your doorstep, in your home or at your place of work), ‘on premises’ contracts (when you buy from a trader at their business premises) and ‘distance’ contracts (when you buy without face-to-face contact with the trader, such as via the internet, on the telephone or by mail order).

For a more complete guide to your rights when entering each of these types of contracts, please read the leaflets linked to below: