Information For Farmers On Animal Movements

Pigs (including micro, feral etc)


You must ‘pre-notify’ (report) any movement of pigs from your holding unless you’re moving pigs to a market.

You can do this:

  • electronically through the eAML2 system
  • by phone to the Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Limited (MLCSL) bureau of the British Pig Executive (BPEX): 0844 335 8400

To pre-notify electronically, you need to register (for free) on the eAML2 website. You can also contact the helpline for help setting up a new account: telephone: 08443 358 400; email:

The use of paper AML2 for pigs is no longer permitted. Further information.

Find information on the walking licence here.


You must keep a record of every movement of pigs to or from your holding. You can keep your records on paper or on a computer.

You must keep them for three years after you stop keeping pigs and make them available during an inspection, or to inspectors by post on request.

You don’t have to keep a holding register if you have an eAML2 account, because these details are all recorded in the eAML2 system. But you’ll need to make paper copies of records available to government inspectors on request.


You must tag, tattoo or mark pigs aged 12 months or older with your official herd mark before they leave your holding.

The only exemption is if you’re moving piglets aged 12 months or less between two farms.