Information For Farmers On Animal Movements

Sheep, Goats and Deer


You must provide details of any movement of sheep or goats to or from your farm to the Animal Reporting and Movement Service (ARAMS) or you can call the ARAMS helpline from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday: telephone 08445 730 137.

You can make reports and notifications electronically if you set up an account on the ARAMS website.


You can keep your register:

You can download a sample sheep and goat register or order paper copies from the Defra helpline by quoting PB13281: telephone 03459 335 577

If you use the ARAMS website to keep your register, it can automatically record your livestock movements to premises that also use ARAMS online (such as markets and abattoirs).

For example, when you send animals to a market that reports the move to ARAMS online, your ARAMS holding register can automatically record the tag numbers of the animals moved.

You’re responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your register. You’ll be able to correct any wrong information that’s recorded.

You must keep the register for three years after the last animal in it has left the holding.

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You must identify your sheep and goats:

  • within six months of birth if they’re housed overnight
  • within nine months of birth if they’re not housed overnight
  • before you move them off their holding of birth if this is sooner

Adult sheep and goats (animals older than 12 months) must have two identifiers with the same unique individual identification number.

For sheep, one of the identifiers must be an electronic identifier (EID) if the identifiers were applied since the start of 2010.

Goats aren’t required to have an EID, but you can’t send goats to other EU states or export them beyond the EU without one.

Further detailed information can be found here.