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Activity Codes Key:

A Approval Activities

 Manufacture and/or placing1 on the market of premixtures containing feed additives 
A1Manufacture and/or placing on the market of nutritional additives.This includes: vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically defined substances having a similar effect; trace elements; amino acids, their salts and analogues and urea and its derivatives.
A2Manufacture and/or placing on the market of zootechnical additives: Digestibility enhancers, gut flora stabilisers and substances which favourably affect the environment.This includes enzymes and micro-organisms.
A3Manufacture and/or placing on the market of antioxidant additives with a maximum content in feeds specified in EC Regulation 1831/2003.This covers propyl gallate, octyl gallate, dodecyl gallate, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), ethoxyquin.
A4Manufacture and/or placing on the market of colorant additives: carotenoids and xanthophylls. 
A5Manufacture and/or placing on the market of proteins obtained from micro-organisms belonging to groups of bacteria, yeast, algae and lower fungi. 
A6Manufacture and/or placing on the market of co-products of the manufacture of amino acids by fermentation.These products were previously covered by Council Directive 82/471/EEC on Certain Products (Bioproteins) and are now authorised under the EC Feed Additives Regulation (1831/2003).
A7Manufacture and/or placing on the market of premixtures containing vitamins A and D. 
A8Manufacture and/or placing on the market1 of premixtures containing copper and selenium. 

Registration Activities

R1Manufacture and/or placing on the market1 of feed additives (other than those subject to approval)This includes preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners, gelling agents, binders, anticaking agents, acidity regulators, antioxidants (not subject to a maximum permitted level), silage agents, denaturants, substances to control radionucleide contamination, colourants (except carotenoids and xanthophylls).
R2Manufacture and/or placing on the market1 of premixtures (other than those subject to approval)This includes premixtures containing any feed additive excluding vitamins A and D and copper and selenium.
R3Manufacture and/or placing on the market1 of bioproteins (“certain products”) not subject to approval.This includes urea and its salts, ammonium salts, amino acids and their salts, analogues of amino acids.
R4Manufacture of compound feeding stuffs.This includes the manufacture of complete and complementary feeds, with or without additives.
R5Placing on the market of compound feeds.Covers premises engaged in the buying and selling of compound feeds but not manufacturing such feeds.
R6Manufacture of pet foods.Includes the manufacture of complete and complementary feeds with or without additives.
R7Manufacture and/or placing on the market1 of feed materialsFeed materials are products which are intended as ingredients of compound feeds or which can be fed singly to animals (eg cereal or cereal products).
R8Transport of feed and feed productsThis includes the premises of businesses that transport feed materials, compound feed, feed additives and premixtures.
  Transport of feed and feed products by manufacturer’s own vehicles are covered by the approval/registration of the manufucturer’s premises.
R9Storage of feed and feed products.Only covers premises not covered by another approval/registration activity relating to the manufacture or placing on the market of the products in question.
  In other words, it excludes storage facilities at a manufacturer’s or transporter’s premises.
R10Mixing feeds, on farms, with additives and premixtures

It covers cases where farms buy-in additives and premixtures[i] products (ie not contained in a compound feed) and mix them with feeds (forage, cereals etc).

Mixing of feed directly with additives (Either a vitamin, a trace element, urea etc) or premixtures (a mixture of additives) that are not contained in a compound feed.

Please note: Premixtures and mineral feeding stuffs can be similar – please check product labels to identify product type as requirements for compliance for the use of these products differ.

R11Mixing feeds, on farms, with compound feeding stuffs which contain additivesMixing feeds with products such as mineral feeding stuffs or other compound feeds (usually cattle pellets, sheep nuts, calf pencils etc) which contain additives.
R12Food Businesses selling co-products of the food industry which are destined as feed materialsThis includes brewers, distillers, dairies and food manufacturers carrying out such an activity.
R13Livestock farms which do not mix feeds or mix feeds without additivesThis includes fish farms.
R14Arable farms growing or selling crops or feed 

Note: Certain other activities are subject to the provisions of the Feed Hygiene Regulation which have not been specifically identified above.

[i] Premixture is a mixture of feed additives, or a mixture of one or more feed additives with feed materials or water used as carriers, not intended for direct feeding to animals.

1These activities cover premises that both manufacture and place such products on the market (sell) and also those premises that do not manufacture but buy and sell products.