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Primary Authority fees

From 1 October 2018, we will be offering Primary Authority on a pre-paid package basis and all new Primary Authority partnerships from that date will be subject to these fees.

Annual package What’s included Prices, paid in advance.
No VAT applicable.
First Year Set-up Package Application fee, to include an initial visit* £405
Minimum Package (after year one) Two hours of business advice and support** £170
Small Package Three hours of business advice and support £242
Includes 5% discount, saving £13
Medium Package 12 hours of business advice and support £918
Includes 10% discount, saving £102
Large Package 24 hours of business advice and support £1,734
Includes 15% discount, saving £306
Bespoke (as agreed) For bespoke packages of more than 24 hours we can offer discounts. The amount of discount will depend on the quantity of hours purchased. Discount negotiable on our standard £85 per hour fee.

*In the first year of partnership the initial fee includes three hours of advice and support to enable an initial assessment of the business by nominated officers.

**After the first year an annual minimum fee of £170 will apply, which includes a minimum package of two hours.

We can also provide additional services, some at a discounted rate, including:

Travel expenses

There is no charge for travelling time within Devon or Somerset. Travel to premises outside of the Devon and Somerset area will be charged from the border at the current HMRC rate (45 pence per mile).

If more convenient and cost-effective modes of transport are applicable, this can be agreed as part of the Primary Authority agreement.

Chargeable time for advice and support in excess of the prepaid package

Time will be charged when a visit commences or as part of delivering Primary Authority business support/advice outside of the time remaining (the business will be notified from the outset if this is likely). Standard fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis at £85 per hour, which is VAT exempt.

Dealing with complaints or unplanned events

If business advice and support is necessary as part of dealing with unforeseen circumstances such as a product safety recall, food safety alert or other serious issue, the business will be notified that the work undertaken will be recorded against the time remaining.

Primary Authority businesses will be notified when nearing the end of their packaged time and an agreement as to how the business wants to proceed will be finalised and reviewed where necessary.


The package will be reviewed annually, and additional packages can be purchased including a bespoke option as agreed.

Unused time

Unused time will not rollover to the following year.