Animal Movement

Movement Record Books and Licenses

For more information about how animal movements need to be recorded see Animal movement.

New Stockholders

New stockholders should contact the Rural Payments Agency to register and apply for a holding number. A holding is any land on which you keep sheep, goats, farmed deer and pigs. Each holding must be identified by a unique County Parish Holding (CPH) number.

Stockholders should then register for a flock/herd mark. Contact Defra for more information.

Movement Record Books

We no longer supply movement books, so you can either purchase them or use the download version below.

If you would like to print off a copy of a movement record book use the links below:
Sheep/Goats Movement Book (pdf)
Cattle/Pig Movement Book (Excel document)

Veterinary Medicine Book

The Veterinary Medicine Regulations 2008 require that keepers of food-producing animals must fully document the acquisition and use of a veterinary medicinal product. Those records must be retained for at least five years following the administration or other disposal of the product, irrespective of whether or not the animal concerned is no longer in that keeper’s possession or has been slaughtered or has died. You can download and print off a copy of a Veterinary Medicine book here.
Veterinary Medicine Book (pdf)
Veterinary Medicine Book (Word doc)

Sheep/Goat, and Deer Movement Licenses

Previously holders of Sheep/Goats, and Deer were required to complete paper AML forms, which needed to be returned to their local government offices. However from April 1st 2014, holders will be required to use the centralised ARAMS (Animal Records and Movement Service) instead.

This service allows you to register and then log movements electronically online ahead of the move. A pre-populated movement document can then be printed, to accompany the animals during transport. Those who do not wish to or do not have access to the internet will still be able to complete paper movement forms, although these will now be administered by ARAMS rather than your local authority. You can find out more on the ARAMS website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to move some pigs what do I need to do?

All movements of pigs must be done via the new BPEX system on the computer or via The MLCSL bureau. For registration, further information and advice telephone 0844 335 8400 or email:

The moves have to be recorded on the BPEX system prior to the movement happening and a haulier document needs to be printed and accompany the pigs during transport. It is also important that you acknowledge receipt of any pigs that arrive on your premise within 3 days. This can be done either on the computer or via the bureau.

What Movement Licences do I need to move cattle?

You do not need a specific licence but cattle must be accompanied by their passport when moved on to or off holdings. The relevant information must be sent to BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) for the movement to be recorded. More information can be obtained by logging on to the BCMS website.

We realise that rules on animal movements can sometimes seem confusing, so if you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.