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All businesses face challenges ensuring they comply (and can show that they comply) with legislation as interpreted by each authority they trade in. The aim of Primary Authority is to ensure that local regulation is consistent at a national level and sufficiently flexible to address local circumstances.

What is Primary Authority?

How can it help?

Is this just for large businesses?

What sorts of businesses have these partnerships?

Can I enter a partnership with any authority?

Why should I choose Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards?

Is this free?

Can it still save me money?

Our Partnerships

What Is Primary Authority?

Primary Authority enables a business to form a legally recognised, statutory partnership with one local authority that then becomes their primary contact, providing robust and reliable advice for other local authorities to take into account.

This short video gives an insight into how Primary Authority works:

How Can It Help?

Once the partnership has been applied for and officially recognised by Regulatory Delivery (RD), any advice given by your partner must be respected by all regulators. This advice would be “Assured Advice” and enables businesses to invest with confidence in products, practices and procedures.

Once a Primary Authority has been formally adopted, local authorities can contact the Primary Authority rather than the business itself, cutting down on the number of requests you may receive from other regulators. The Primary Authority can then offer evidence of a business’s compliance with legislation.

Primary Authority can be quite flexible in what they do and do not cover, and how they can help a business. You can find out more about what a Partnership can offer at the RD website, or contact us.

Is This Just For Large Businesses?

No matter what size the business is, Primary Authority can help cut through red tape. It can be particularly helpful for growing businesses with limited resources but many potential compliance issues, who will get one point of contact for advice rather than having to worry about differing ways of showing compliance with the law across multiple authorities. Start-up businesses are also able to enjoy the benefits of Primary Authority.

What Sorts Of Businesses Have These Partnerships?

All sorts of companies have entered into Primary Authority, particularly those with multiple premises across numerous authorities and/or who have to deal with potentially complex compliance issues.

There are currently over 53,000 Primary Authority Partnerships across the UK. You can see which businesses are in partnerships with local authorities on the Primary Authority Register website.

Can I Enter A Partnership With Any Authority?

Yes and no. While there are no rules saying exactly which local authority you would have to enter a partnership with (for instance, it does not have to be where your head office is), before a Primary Authority is formally sanctioned by Regulatory Delivery, they will look at whether it makes sense for that particular business and local authority to link up.

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service can only offer Primary Authority for Trading Standards functions. Businesses are able to apply for partnerships for non-Trading Standards legislation covered by Environmental Health/Licensing at District Council level or with the Fire Service for fire safety.

Why Should I Choose Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards?

We cover one of the largest areas of any Trading Standards authority in the UK and therefore deal with all manner of companies, from micro-businesses to large corporations. We have expertise in how a wide range of businesses operate – from farming to cutting-edge manufacturing – and how to make it easier for them to comply with trading law.

We’re also particularly well suited for Partnerships with those looking to meet the challenge of rural business. You do not need to be headquartered in Devon, Somerset or Torbay.

Our Trading Standards Service can offer a Partnership in all areas relevant to Trading Standards including: Age Restricted Products, Agriculture, Animal Health and Welfare, Explosives Licensing, Fair Trading, Food Standards, Metrology, Petroleum Storage, Product Safety and Road Traffic.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can give you more information on how we might be able to help to cut through the red tape.

Is This Free?

From April 2018 there will be a charge for business advice. Under Primary Authority, local authorities are able to recover their costs and as such we charge a fee.

The exact costs will be dealt with individually as each partnership is bespoke and will depend on the time and level of service agreed. We are able to offer competitive subscription packages payable on a monthly basis. Our packages can be tailored to suit your business. Packages ensure that our costs are transparent.

We also offer ‘bolt-on’ services at a discounted rate, including Buy With Confidence membership and Metrology Laboratory services.

Can It Still Save Me Money?

Potentially yes, which is one of the reasons thousands of businesses across the UK have entered Partnerships. Rather than spending time, effort and money developing and implementing different compliance plans across many different authorities, a Primary Authority allows you to have one central plan that everyone can follow wherever they are in the UK.

It may also save you money by giving advice that can be followed across the country. With a Partnership, a business knows that advice given by the Primary Authority will be respected across the UK as it is assured advice.

A Partnership lets you know how to deal with trading law across the UK, and the (often cheap) precautions you actually have to take, which should then be respected by all local authorities. It can make trading easier, cheaper and less about red tape.

Our Current Partnerships

Devon Norse Ltd
Mole Valley Farmers Ltd
Westcountry Family Butchers Ltd
Brent Cars Ltd
Fiesta Studios Ltd
Red Hot Lemon Ltd
Andrew Brownsword Hotels Ltd
Aston Manor Ltd
Redvers & Denzil Rice Farms Ltd
Nick Hess Trading Ltd
Wilton Bradley Ltd
HK4 Group Ltd
Group Silverline Ltd

For more information on Primary Authority, contact us or head to the Primary Authority Register website.