Feed and food hygiene

Feed Hygiene Registration Form (Online)

This online registration application is only for businesses/premises in the Devon County Council and Somerset County Council areas. Those located elsewhere will need to contact their own local authority.

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Application with a view to Registration or Approval under the
EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005)

I am applying for the following premises to be registered/approved under the above legislation. The information required is set out below (please note, all relevant parts of the form must be completed before it can be submitted):

New RegistrationRegistration Amendment

1. Name or business name of the feed business to which this application relates:

Name or Business Name:

CPH/Holding No:

2. Address and associated details of the premises where the activity requiring registration or approval is undertaken or to be undertaken:

Address (including postcode):

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

3. Activity or activities carried out on the premises (please use the code and activity descriptions shown below).

Approval Activities (tick all those that apply):
A1: Manufacture/market nutritional additivesA2: Manufacture/market zootechnical additivesA3: Manufacture/market antioxidants with maximum content in feeds specified in EC Regulation 1831/2003A4: Manufacture/market carotenoids & xanthophyllsA5: Manufacture/market proteins obtained from micro organisms belonging to groups of bacteria, yeast, algae & lower fungiA6: Manufacture/market products co-products of the manufacture of amino acids fermentationA7: Manufacture/market premixture containing vitamins A and DA8: Manufacture/market premixtures containing copper or selenium

Registration Activities (tick all those that apply)
(Most premises will be registered under other official schemes and if this is the case no registration under the Feed Hygiene Regulation needs to be made. Further information is available)
R1: Manufacture/market feed additives (other than those subject to approval)R2: Manufacture/market premixtures (other than those subject to approval)R3: Manufacture/market bioproteins (“certain products”) not subject to approvalR4: Manufacture Compound Feeds (other than those subject to approval)R5: Market Compound FeedsR6: Manufacture Pet FoodsR7: Manufacture/Market Feed MaterialsR8: Transport feed and / or feed productsR9: Store feeds and /or feed productsR10: Mixing feed on farm with additives & premixturesR11: Mixing feed on farm with compound feedingstuffs which contain additivesR12: Food Businesses selling co- products of the food industry which are destined as feed materialsR13: Livestock farms which do not mix feeds or mix feeds without additivesR14: Arable Farms growing feed materials

4. Do you dry your grain? Please indicate by which method:
Naturally DryingAir DryingSolar Drying

5. Name and Address of Applicant: (if different to the name and address indicated above):


Address (including postcode):

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

Declaration: I hereby state that the information entered on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge:

Full Name:

Position In Business: